Social media addict? Then China is not the place for you – Here’s why

The 'Great Firewall of China' is considered to be the most robust internet firewall mechanism in the world. China's objective is to limit people's access to foreign information, have "internet sovereignty", help its domestic players maintain an edge over foreign companies and filter out repugnant criticism of the government. Here's a list of major applications China has banned.
Skype | In October, Skype become the latest victim of China's strict cyber security laws and Internet regulations. Reports suggest that Microsoft-owned video calling and messaging application has been removed from the Apple’s app store in China.
WhatsApp | Earlier this year, the messaging service was added to the hit list. In China, WhatsApp is dwarfed by WeChat which has more than 900 million users.
Instagram | In 2014, following the pro-democracy 'Umbrella Revolution' protests in Hong Kong, China banned the popular photo-sharing platform.
acebook | After suspecting that activists involved in the Urumqi riots in the Xinjiang province were using Facebook for communication, China banned the popular social media platform in July 2009. However, the social networking platform is available in special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.
Twitter | In June 2009, China banned Twitter and a host of other blogging platforms such as Blogger and Wordpress. However, some Chinese routinely manage to breach the firewall.
YouTube | Initially, the video platform was banned for a few months in 2007-2008. A year later, China banned YouTube completely on its soil. However, it is still accessible in Hong Kong, Macau and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
Gmail | In 2014, China banned the world's largest e-mail service following months of disruptions. The relationship between Google and China has been rocky. Determined users can still use Gmail through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In 2010, Google had redirected all its search traffic from mainland China to its Hong Kong arm where it works uncensored.


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