Officials Take to Social Media to Share Emergency Information

social media emergency info

When a tornado hit Bridgeport in June 2010, the city's mayor had just started dipping his toes into the social networking site Twitter. What Mayor Bill Finch and others in his administration learned during that storm is that Twitter was an excellent way to let citizens know about things like power outages, property damage, blocked roads and the like.

"That was a tipping point," said Finch spokeswoman Elaine Ficarra.

Enterprise Social Network Startup NationalField Raises $1.5M To Take On Yammer And Others


Is there any hotter market than social enterprise applications right now? Need proof? Just look at Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer for more than $1 billion. Or Salesforce’s acquisition of Rypple. It seems clear that enterprises realize that one way to actually hone and measure employee productivity is to make that activity more social and collaborative.

Social media can lead to internet addiction

The stereotype of an internet addict is a slightly nerdy young man or teenager, spending all his time in front of some kind of online role-playing game.

The reality is more diverse, with recent studies showing that plenty of young women are also at risk of internet addiction, primarily due to social networking sites like Facebook.

10 Ways Finish Your Relationship On Social Media Without Being A Berk

It's all gone Pete Tong between you and your partner, and you're behind on your status updates. We suggest 10 ways to make social media work to your advantage in that messy post-relationship hangover...

Ending a relationship is never easy, and with your entire life strewn across countless social media sites it can often be difficult to untie yourself from all that baggage. Here are 10 ways (written with a not entirely sympathetic feminine slant) of using social media as the good cop and not the bad cop who throws a strop and covers the interview room with coffee…


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