LinkedIn now lets you follow big thinkers, or even become one

LinkedIn, looking to lure more of its 175 million users to visit its website regularly, has begun inviting members to follow a cast of 150 "influential thought leaders."

Following them doesn't mean you're necessarily linking in with them, as you might do now with current and past colleagues, but it does feed you a stream of their posts on topics from careers to current events, such as the presidential race. LinkedIn members could already follow topics, groups and personal connections.


'Social networking sites can’t be trusted for children's online safety'


London: Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter cannot be trusted to protect children's ‘online safety’, and must be independently regulated, a government child safety adviser has warned.

Facebook Ads: Social Network To Make Pitch To Advertisers That Clicks Aren't What Matter

Facebook Inc, stung by doubts that advertising on the social network delivers enough bang for the buck, is preparing to unveil data to counter its critics and show that "clicks," the current metric of choice, tell only half the story.

The world's No. 1 social network, embarrassed just days before its IPO when General Motors declared it was pulling the plug on all paid advertising on its network, will argue that big-brand marketers should abandon the industry's obsession with numbers of clicks and focus on more effective advertising techniques.

Sex scandals and social media

Sex scandals and social media

A high school principal told investigators she was “in denial” when she kept quiet about claims that three teachers were having sex with students, a court record shows.

The silence from Catherine DePaul — who, along with an aide, allegedly concealed multiple warnings of a scandal at Triton Regional High School — apparently allowed illicit relationships to continue for months at the Runnemede institution.


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