10 Ways Finish Your Relationship On Social Media Without Being A Berk

It's all gone Pete Tong between you and your partner, and you're behind on your status updates. We suggest 10 ways to make social media work to your advantage in that messy post-relationship hangover...

Ending a relationship is never easy, and with your entire life strewn across countless social media sites it can often be difficult to untie yourself from all that baggage. Here are 10 ways (written with a not entirely sympathetic feminine slant) of using social media as the good cop and not the bad cop who throws a strop and covers the interview room with coffee…

Social media changing campaigning for candidates, voting decisions for citizens


At a presidential debate watch party on the Purdue University campus Monday, it was easy to see the presence if not the influence of digital and social media in today’s electoral process.

The darkened room was aglow with the artificial light from laptops, tablets and smartphones as students and others constantly checked blogs and other social media sites to get real-time comments and analysis from experts.

eToro Awarded Best Social Media Trading Product


Traders and Private Investment Community Vote for Best Social Trading Network

eToro, the world's leading investment network, announced today that it was awarded Best Social Media Trading product by MSM Media for eToro OpenBook™, where users are able to tap into the wisdom of the crowds to, share and even automatically copy in real-time the trading actions of any trader on the network to build a people-based portfolio. This is the sixth time this year that eToro has been recognized for its best use of customer communications and social networking technology.

Social networking for savings

Social networking sites have become an extremely popular avenue for companies seeking to market themselves to consumers.
Whether a company is offering new products or simply wants to boost awareness and sales of an old product, promoting it on social networking sites such as Facebook and Pinterest is one way to reach potential customers.


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