What's New Under the Sun: Kids (and Adults) and Social Media, Part III — A New Spin on an Age Old Struggle

People have always agonized over and often given into sexual temptation, but the “new spin” on this age-old struggle has dangerously severe consequences, especially for teens

A New Spin on an Age Old Struggle

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 20 percent of teenagers (one in every five young men and young women) have sent “sext” messages.

Is Social Media to Blame for the Rise in Narcissism?

Social Media-Narcissism

Studies are now showing what many of you may have suspected: We are living in an increasingly narcissistic society.

In a world where prime-time television is dominated by a "reality" as false as the Kardashians' lashes, and people sit across dinner tables checking in on Facebook rather than having face-to-face conversations, this may not come as a surprise.

Firefox's Social API debuts with Facebook Messenger

Mozilla's Social API has activated in Firefox Beta today with its first partner, Facebook Messenger. The innovation has the potential to forever alter how browsers interact with social-networking sites, but the project is still in its infancy.

Is Twitter Starving Pheed? New Social Network Says Its Twitter Connect Got Cut Off


Pheed — the celeb-fuelled social networking site that has gone a bit viral in the last few days — may be going on a diet.

The site says that about two hours ago, Twitter cut off access for people to log into the site using their Twitter credentials. Users can still log in with their email or Facebook accounts, but those who have already signed up by linking their Twitter accounts, or want to do so to find contacts on Pheed, currently cannot.



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