US to demand five years of your social media, email account info in visa application

The data demand will apply to tourists and potential immigrants.

The US State Department will now require new visitors to the United States to hand over their social media account names as well as email addresses and phone numbers used over the past five years.

Facebook Will Reportedly Launch its 'GlobalCoin' Cryptocurrency Next Year

New details have emerged on Facebook's planned cryptocurrency, with several outlets reporting that The Social Network is finalizing plans to launch its own 'GlobalCoin' option early in the new year.

As per BBC News:

"Facebook wants to create a digital currency that provides affordable and secure ways of making payments, regardless of whether users have a bank account. The social networking site, which owns WhatsApp and Instagram, is hoping to disrupt existing networks by breaking down financial barriers, competing with banks and reducing consumer costs."

If anyone can give us a real Facebook alternative, it’s Apple

You’d like to leave Facebook, but there’s nowhere to go. A new social network from a company with a proven reputation for privacy isn’t such a crazy idea.

Facebook is so big, and its reach so wide, that few rival networks even get out of the starting gates, much less gain the critical mass of members to offer a real alternative. That’s the thing about social networks–people will choose the social network where their friends already are, so that one winning network just keeps growing and growing.


98.55% of People use at Least 4 Social Media Platforms Daily

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