Microsoft acquires AltspaceVR social networking company

AltspaceVR has had a rough couple of months, going from announcing it was shutting down in July, to revealing it was staying open thanks to the help of a third party. Now it looks like the VR social networking platform will be joining the Microsoft team.

Facebook DOWN - Social networking site not working for hundreds of users

UPDATE ONE: The issues affecting Facebook today seem to have been resolved.

Reports on Down Detector of the service being down has fallen from more than 1,600 to just 22.

ORIGINAL: Facebook is down with hundreds of users across the globe saying the social networking giant’s site is not working today.

Independent website Down Detector has received reports from hundreds of Facebook users saying the service isn’t working.

The Guide: Social Networks

In Boston’s business world, your network is everything. An insider’s guide to the top spots to rub elbows with the city’s movers and shakers.The Algonquin Club
Why go: To hobnob with C-suite rainmakers and well-connected socialites in one of Boston’s grandest settings.

What to know: Exclusivity is the name of the game at this 131-year-old private club. You’ll need an existing member to vouch for you if you hope to mingle with the city’s elite in this Back Bay institution.

A startup just sued Google for censoring its 'free speech' social network

Gab just sued Google for employing anticompetitive practices after banning the app from the Google Play Store, The Washington Post reported.

SEE ALSO: From 4chan to Gab: Where hate speech is thriving online

Launched by former ad tech founder Andrew Torba last year, Gab has gained significant traction as an alternative social network. Gab promotes itself as a free speech platform and therefore has attracted members of the alt-right and white supremacists who are able to share their views without fear of being banned.


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