Facebook earnings: Two ways the social-networking titan can grow even larger


With 1.3 billion people using its site daily, a valuation topping $500 billion and projected third-quarter revenue of nearly $10 billion, Facebook Inc. has established itself as one of the greatest attention-capturing machines in modern history.


Instagram: Here’s How to Unlink Your Social Accounts


Follow our guide to unlink your social networking accounts from Instagram

Have you ever wanted to unlink one of the social networking accounts you’ve connected to Instagram? Our guide will show you how this is done.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the Instagram application on iOS.

Thomson Reuters big data Knowledge Graph delivers social network for finance


Financial news giant Thomson Reuters has released its Knowledge Graph Feed, a way of instantly visualising the connections between lots of data sources, which it describes as "the first financial social network".

The Knowledge Graph system is an open source, standardised data modelling system composed of Permanent Identifiers (PermID) which connect some two billion relationships.

How Twitter went from banal to brutal


OPINION: Last week Duncan Garner quit Twitter in a huff, after a column he wrote about immigration attracted a storm of moral outrage.

Garner complained bitterly about the "verbal abuse" he was subjected to and the "intolerance, hatred and madness" of Twitter users.

Garner's column was objectionable to some people, but some of the feedback he got was also outrageous. It made me wonder how exactly Twitter became the go-to platform for outrage culture.


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