Kendall Jenner Instagram Account Deleted, Is Kim Kardashian’s Next?

Kendall Jenner Instagram account deleted rumors caused an uproar over the weekend, as millions of followers pressed the refresh button a number of times just to have their worst suspicions confirmed. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star profile is no longer appearing on the photo-sharing app as it becomes clear she is taking a digital detox.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network accounts hijacked by bragging hackers

Not even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is safe from cyber-attacks. The billionaire has had his (non-Facebook) social networking accounts temporarily taken over by the hacker group OurMine, who bragged about it in the hijacked feeds.
Tweeting to its 41,000 Twitter followers, the group claimed Sunday to have compromised Zuck’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Some were apparently defaced purely for bragging rights. It is not known whether any other accounts or email also suffered, according to Engadget.

The government may be hacking your Twitter

Twitter issued an alert to some users warning them that state-sponsored hackers may have tried to obtain sensitive data from their accounts, the company said, the first such warning by the micro-blogging site.

The notice said there was no indication the hackers obtained sensitive information from what it said were a “small group of accounts” targeted.

It did not provide additional information about the attack or possible suspects in its investigation.

You Can Now Use Facebook's Messenger App Without a Facebook Account

Facebook's Messenger app isn't done evolving. Previously, users were given the capability to send money to their friends, make video calls and play games. Now, Messenger allows anyone to use the app even without a Facebook account, provided that they have a mobile phone number.

Last year, mobile users groaned as Facebook separated the chat feature from its app into another app. Facebook then added third-party apps for its Messenger and launched a standalone Web version earlier this year.

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