Phone addiction creating absent parents and disengaged teens

It's easy to get lost in your cell phone with texting, calling and social media. You might be surprised to know how all that activity can up to multiple hours spent on mobile devices throughout the day.

People we spoke to admitted to spending three to 10 hours a day on their devices, but the numbers can be much higher for other people.

Therapist Dr. Joseph Marzano said he is seeing an increase in the number of people who come into his office with issues caused by cell phones. It can be as serious as a gambling addiction.

Wakeeson Inc announces the launch of WhoReact – a free global social network on Google Play

Leading mobile app development company, Wakeeson Inc, launches a free global social network, WhoReact for easier and more fun communication and networking with communities, friends, families and ethnic groups.

Social networking apps continue to enjoy a gigantic share of time spent over mobile: Report

Making the digital platform a virtual war field, a new app is reaching the play store almost every day. With the growing social media adoption, mobile app usage is also growing swiftly. However, according to a new report, this growth seems to have reached its maturity level.

The report – State of Mobile report for 2016 – posted by Flurry Analytics, a part of the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, claims that in the next couple of years these growing apps will attack one another.

Online UK adults are heavy users of social media apps – but not all apps are equal, it seems

New research claiming to be the first of its kind into UK social media use has found 84% of all UK adults use social media - two-thirds of them every day.

The study, UK Social Media Demographics 2016, also claims that YouTube and Facebook are by far the most popular platforms among UK adults, with 59% of UK adults who are online using Facebook daily, followed by some use of WhatsApp (28%) and YouTube (27%).


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