Forget Facebook & Google Ads - Social Networking Tool for Small Local Businesses Launches across Australia

The Sticky Handshake, is today launching a revolutionary new referral solution for time-poor small business owners across Australia, who have failed to win new business from Google and Facebook advertising and find industry networking time consuming, expensive and daunting.

Use Facebook's Tool to See if You Followed Russian Propaganda


It's easy to just blindly like and follow things on Facebook. You might not be fooled by accounts that appear spammy and/or fake, but there are plenty of people who have a more cavalier attitude about engaging with different entities on Facebook. And if you have a few friends or loved ones like that, it might be worth sending them a link to Facebook's just-launched tool for checking whether a user has liked or followed a page linked to Russian propaganda.

Yes, Russian propaganda.

How Facebook Dominated the Social Network World


Previously I've published my summary notes of the wonderful book, "Modern Monopolies - What It Takes to Dominate the 21st Century Economy ," written by Alex Moazed and Nicholas Johnson. One of the examples from the book is how Facebook dominated the social network world and what it took to build a great platform company.

Former Facebook exec: I didn’t mean social networking is all bad


During a recent talk at Stanford, Chamath Palihapitiya, the early Facebook executive who now runs venture capital firm Social Capital, spoke of the dangers of social networks—such as their ability to efficiently spread false information—and said that he felt “tremendous guilt” for his role in the medium’s rise. Facebook took his comments personally enough that it issued a statement pointing out that he left the company more than six years ago.


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